About Frans.

Frans Baars CanmoreI have no idea who I am.  I always thought I did while knowing I was full of it.  Acknowledging that I don’t know – and realizing that I will never know – was my first step in a different direction.

A period of major disorientation followed this change of direction, leading to all kinds of ego-boosting strategies, but somehow my main directive since that day has remained the search for what is true – and it ain’t the ego.

I started Integral Awareness in 2009, mostly as a way to see my experience through the eyes of those I teach and integrate a deeper sense of that experience into “me”.  Now, after fine tuning my work for 3 years, I am at a place of clarity.  I know what is needed to be here; I know there is no need for teachers of any kind but I can function as a temporary guide.  In this capacity, my main function is to point out your delusions to you until you kill me – hopefully figuratively speaking only.