Finding out what is true.

Becoming real.  It is as simple as that.  Simple and excruciatingly hard.

Doing the work means undoing everything you ever held to be true – the bad and the good.  It means realizing that everyone is wrong about everything, always – and that includes you and every teacher you ever listened to.

The teaching is called “life as it is”; the tools are surrender, sincerity and discipline; the classroom is you.  In the process, we use your emotional reaction to life as a starting point into inquiry, accessing a higher faculty of mind.  At the end of the process lies truth – that which cannot be simpler – and true freedom.  The road behind you will be littered with corpses; your teachers, your beliefs, your ego.

You would be crazy not to ask “why on earth would anyone want that?” In my experience only those who have come to the realization that they have been living a lie and who can’t do so any longer are open to the process. 

The format is flexible; from 2 hour sessions to week-long intensives and everything in-between for individuals as well as single- and multi-day workshops for groups.