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A good time to wake up - 2 day workshop | → Workshop Details

Authentic Relationships Workshop

Focus of the workshop is on bringing awareness to how and why the ego rules our lives, how we get stuck there and how we can get to a more mature level of being, moving in a new direction.

Experiential in nature, using very in-depth inquiry in a group setting, integrated into your being through the supporting modalities of Taoism, and integral to consciousness.

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March 6th (evening - can be booked independently), and March 7 & 8, 2015.

I have had to change the dates for the workshop "a good time to wake up" to March 6 (evening), March 7 & 8. The Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge double -booked me with the world cup of biathlon, and since they all have guns...I agreed to move 1 week ahead. We get priority over non-workshop guests. I hope this works for you - let me know soon if you want to participate; it will be a good time to wake up ☺

Bookings: email or call 403-874-6970
Cost: $175.00. Accomodations and food extra. $25.00 for the Friday evening.

Embracing True Masculinity | → Workshop Details

Investment: $375 p.p. (Bring a friend at 50%)

Embracing True Mascuinity

We will examine what masculinity means from the integrated stage of being human, as opposed to the segregated stage that most never escape from.

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